Friday, January 22, 2016

Look to the Light

    Thanks again for today! I have always loved talking to you- you make things seem so much better just by your laugh. This is the video I was talking about. When I get into my "pineapple" haha I watch this and it brings me back to earth a bit. I remember one time I watched this it made me feel worse because I thought ohhh good grief Joseph Smiths trials were a million times worse than mine and here I am whining. What is wrong with me I am so selfish. But after watching it again and praying for guidance I felt so different. I felt as if I was truly understood... and as we talked about it was okay I felt that way....

 "When lonely hard times come, he is there. And when we weep he weeps with us."

"Peace be unto thy soul... Thine adversity and thine afflictions be but a small moment.... and then if thou endure it well... God shall exalt thee on high."

I am so grateful we have each other and so grateful we have our Savior. I love you Alisa! I will probably post things on here if you don't mind here and there that has helped me... or something I have learned. Or how this has turned into a blessing. It helps me to write and share!

Your text was so perfect with the picture of the Savior and how you said "We've got this!" You are right! We do.

Love you,

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